"Who are you?"

My name is Max Porter. I’m 18 years old and I’m a angel. Some people say I look like Jamie Campbell Bower.

"What are you like personality wise?"

I’d say I’m pretty closed-off it comes with my whole background situation. I’m also pretty protective of people, especially my friends. I guess I’ve never really been the guy to run around with girls having one night stands, I’m way too respectful of people to do that.

"Why are you at Mourndale School for the gifted?"

Well, being an angel helped me get in, plus being here was a way to get out of the orphanage I lived in, it was dreadful, I certainly like this place a lot better. Plus after going here for two years I found out my mother went here so I am determined to stay.

"How’s you home life?"

I don’t have a home life. My mother was murdered by my father when I was younger, he was turned into a werewolf and apparently didn’t know about it, figures. He was sent to jail and I was sent to an orphanage because I refused to be put into one of those stupid foster care agencies and move around.

"How’s your heart?"

If you are talking about relationships and all I’m not in one, mainly because the girl I like is heavily guarded. Her name’s Juliet Winchester… Yes, I’m an idiot for liking the rarest most protected girl in school, I guess it’s the angel side of me that is drawn to her like no other. I haven’t even spoken to her yet I want her… Stupid, I know.

"What’s your status?"

For some silly reason I’m open.