"Who are you?"

My name is Liam Daniels. I’m 18 years old and I’m a angel. Some people say I look like Logan Lerman.

"What are you like personality wise?"

I’m one of the few shy guys at the school I guess. And like my species I am kind of an angel. I’m known as the good-two-shoes who doesn’t really talk outside of classes. I guess it’s just that I like school better than I like actual people. I’d prefer to sit in my room studying instead of going to one of those crazy secret parties that people throw.

"Why are you at Mourndale School for the gifted?"

Like I said I like school more than people. I’ve been known as the smart child in the family, I’ve never really been good with sports or fashion like my other siblings. But I think being in a school together we all end up showing our different qualities and all that stuff. So yeah, I’m here for smarts and family.

"How’s your home life?"

It’s good, very good. We are all angels, so we are all pretty close then there’s the fact that me and my siblings, so my brother and sister, all attend the same school which of course is a plus, even though we aren’t in the same social groups and everything. 

"How’s your heart?"

Well it’s full functional, you know beating, spreading blood through my body and all that stuff. And if you are talking about love life wise I don’t have a girlfriend and nor do I want one, I guess I’m too into school to bother with one.

"What’s your status?"

I’m open, why is that?

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